More Research

Updating the blog with research u forgot ot add in.

Inspriation for my piece also came from a game called infamous 2 (see pic below). This game is based around an anti hero struggling with powers with the choice to be good or bad. The lighting in this piece is great a perfect contrast of blue and red much of which i would like to get across in my work. Here we can see an example of how lighting effects can create dynamic and dramatic shadows. I can see how fire also reacts within a plam where shadows are cast  and the intensity that they cause.







I also used verious tutorials online to create certain effects such as for “fire lines” however the fire lines didnt work as they seams to unnatural.

The sparks around the fire where from  steps 21 and 22.

I also looked at this tutoril however i couldnt apply it to my work.


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