Initial Research

This is a recap of research i have conducted so far in relation to this research.

I had an initial idea for my piece and it based around fire this is because of Photos i have of me swing fire poi with a slow shutter speed creating striking visuals i then mixed this concept with my other love films. So through these ideas i wanted to create a portrait that looks like a film/game poster of me controlling fire with my hands.Dean suggested researching mavel film posters as my piece would have a similar feel however surprisingly not many of the pieces had the fire element i was looking for as well as most pieces having a cast based poster on a undetailed background with fairly plain backgrounds behind them such as the below pictures.

These Two poster where the advertise Mavel film productions on the left “Iron Man” and on the right “Captin America”. Bother of these poster have a similar feel both have the main characters in the center of the screen in powerful poses plus both have plain backgrounds and use interesting lighting. The Iron man uses the light from his hand to fill in the rest of the piece creating a shadow over the face where just the Eye POP out. The Captin America piece however uses off screen lighting to give a feel for a dramatic half light half shadow look creating dynamic shadows than highlight around the edges. I would like to incorporate lighting in my piece similar to these dynamic shadows with a fairly plain background to make myself POP out.

From here i decided to research down alternate routes in order to find a piece slightly more similar to mine. I started a collection of art on deviant art that i would use to help influence my own. I came across a lot of great art however a few pieces stood out for me and i  added them to my collection I noticed that three pieces belonged to one user freaky665 She used fire in quite a few pieces the one below is my personal favorite.

The piece below uses many of the conventions i would like to use. The first of which is obviously fire the fire in this piece is very well done all seaming natural and following a real gravity path. The second bit i would like to use is the fire sparks caused by the  instrument creating a depth and added layer of detail. The third is the lighting the fire caused a orange glow across one half of the face and dramatic shadow across the other half. The background provides a nice contrast for the fire and makes it stand out more than  the rest of the piece. I loved this piece so much i emailed the artist first to thank her for the piece and second to find out how she did it i have had no response as of yet and don’t expect one as i am sure she is too busy creating art.

So far this as far as i have got with my research however i already gotten a good idea of what i want and how to achieve it i will start my first idea and start looking for tutorials for specific ideas i have.

Peter Brewster


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