Reseach into web

I have finaly decided on a topic for my web design project.

For my site i have decided to do a websites dedicated to “Student Food” the idea being students have to cook food that is easy, cheap and quick my site will fill the gap in the market should be easy to follow and help the student lifestyle. I have verious ideas allready for my piece such as using a corkboard for the background and having the navigation on a sticky note and content handwritten on paper.

Started my research by googling “Student Recipes” and the first site is a prime example of a good student cooking site. is the site i have found this site is very well designed using typical “student humor” in the header with an obvious photoshoped character. Also it looks like my idea of sticky notes have also been used howevr i belive on this site it looks ok wheread on mine it will seam more natural aswell as mine will have writting that looks like it fits on paper realisticly. The Navigation is spread across the top of the page into catogries each with an indiviual color with a slight “neon” look this works as it represent the student viberant personailty. Once you click on a link the site is slightly less impressive all pages have the same columns to each side of the content and the content is on a sheeet of paper with uninspiring and almost browser style links. I can build on this as each page of my site will be similar however have slightly nicer feel to it.

In an example completly diffrent have a successful website with a lot of recipes and a lot of viewers. This site is aimed at a different viewers meant for people who watch cookery programs on the BBC. This site is slightly more confusing with lots of images competeing for your attension and a jquery image gallery in the middle with recipes. The place where BBC really shines through is its layout for recipes first an images of the food you are making then a list of ingredients followed by the prep instructions. The only improvement on this lay out that i can think of was to introduce pictures of the process aswell as a section for cookery equipment needed.

This reseach has given me an idea on where to head with my assignment i will start the design process and aim to get my index page up and running by wednesday.


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