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Just finished the lesson in which we had a 1 to 1 with Simon to run though ideas.

Simon was very helpful giving me advice on how to proceed. After looking at my research in previous blogs he could see i had a firm understanding of what i was aiming for. The audio clip he said was well chosen as its clear intresting and should provied room for a intresting project.

i am quite confident with the concept at the moment as i belive if i carry out what i have planed in my previous blog then the piece will be intresting engaging and authentic to the original source (sin city film/ novels). Simon said i looked confident with After Effects however this is the one bit i am not 100% with their are many things i would like to do however iam not sure where to begin with it.

My next step is to research “range selector” in order to animate text letters individualy also research invloving camera might be needed i do like the use of camera’s however at the moment i just use text animations.


My idea is to take the Sin City opening monolog and provided a film noir style “kinnect typography”. To acheive the film noir style i will be using a black background and an offwhite text with certain important letters in Red. The text should flow and take its time to represent the voice over as it should have a calming effect up untill the turning point where the voice turns more sinister.


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