Sin City research

I have begone my research into the audio that i would like to do The audio i plan to use is the opening monolog in Sin City (  1.47-2.36) I choose this scene as the audio is very atmospheric and sets the tone for the whole film which happens to be one of my favorites. This scene if one taken directly from the Novel that Sin City is adapted from this scene is also called “The customer is allways right” althought for a first time watcher this scene might not make too much sense if you read the comics there is story behind each of the characters.

Some shots used in this scene are from the exact angle as in the story if yo compare this video (, which happens to be a video of each picture from the graphic novel synced to the audio from the film, to the one before we can see the same shots used in both.

The film Sin City’s genre is calssed as “neo noir” meaning “new black” which has developed from “Film Noir“. Sin city especiually uses alot of the low key high cnotrast lighting that in film noir is called “Chiaroscuro” this is also the bases for the style i would like to use. I would like my typogrpahy and style to be true to the Neo noir/ film noir style by using white writing on a black background using red as an accent for certain words.

I have collected a transcript of sin city from this source ( and double checked it lisetning to the sudio alongside the script. I have started to bold certain words i belive to be of importance to the script and words the actor puts empesis into so i can realte this visualy on screen. The main task for me is to get the atmosphere right this includes the typography being the right font, size, colour and the timing has to be just right.

My next task is to print of the script right notes across the page maby with basiuc drawings to show what i would like to happen similar to a story board.


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