WEB design beginning

It was the first official lesson of web design on 07/Oct/2011 and i have to say it was amazing couldn’t have gone better just didn’t want the lesson to end.


In the first lessons of web design we covered starting up a mark up using only a plain text editor in this case we used text wrangler. The XHTML looks quite natural everything has logic behind it and seams to make sense however this is just the first lesson and i have no doubt this will be getting much harder. I also like the idea of not just cheating and using Dreamweaver this means by the end we should be able to produce professional websites and maintain them.

After the lesson was over I went up to the library and collected a book suggested by Shelly called HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions a Web Standardistas Approach. This is the following Sunday night and I already have read through to chapter 6 and WOW it is amazing so far covers all that one needs to know for basic HTML web design. I have read past where we are up to with lessons however I have not being doing the H/W as until now have not had computer access but i feel like the knowledge it has passed on is amazing and will reinforce all my lessons work. This book might just have to be brought as iam sure it will always prove very useful. A note to all co students who haven’t read the book and are doing the web design course it is well worth the read it does not feel boring as the language is user friendly everything from basic’s to advance is explained and best of all its not dry it actually quite humorous in most parts.

Looking forward to the next lesson with Shelly if the book is anything to go by it probably will be adding images, Tables and inserting links all look very fun and hopefully I can put the book to good use.

p.s. the picture below is of the book and also provides a link to buy the book for all intrested.

Image of HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions book


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