Motion graphics

Motion graphic lessons so far have been good on the second lesson we droped straight into Adobe after effects and go to work on using it to create a small animation. After effects to me feels very natural allmost like a mix of final cut pro and photo shop. We have been set a research task to look into kinetic typography and think about what we would like ours to be based on. I have spoken to my friend about doing one of his band’s songs and he was very happy however the song is being mastered at the moment so as a back up and alternate options i have been looking at film quote’s.


My first choice will be Sin City i have been able to find an example (see below) of the exact sequence. This example is well done smooth and stylish however I do not believe is captures the true sin city nature its not gritty or dark i would use a different colour pallet and more film noir font. I would class this as a reasonably hard project to complete


My second idea was snatch (see below) however this one would be much harded to pull how as the Talking is much faster and has more whit to get across than sin city. Mixing a Cockney style font with a “Pikey” style font would look interesting and I would also make Mickey’s font confusing fast paced and constantly on the move. The video below is an example of a well done piece much similar to that of mine however the background could be worked on and I would like it to flow slightly better.


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