first lens based lesson

At the end of our first proper Lens based media lesson i was left loaded with infomation and idea’s buzzing around my head.

This lesson helps us get to grips with a few theories mainly colour theory and Depth of field

Before the lessons i had done previous work with DOF as i came from a video production background but applying it to digital art was amazing the picture below is one example that i liked the main focua is on the guy located bottom left on the cross section of the rule of thirds also the top right has an intresting focul point with a ship flying past.

As we learnt with colour theory purple has connotations of Royalty and wealth due to renaissance times what purple was the most expensive dye in this case the image above is also a great example of colour theory using mainly shades of purple to provide a rich sci-fi look.

After we looked at examples of art using DOF and colour theory using Deviant Art we moved on to Editing a photo of a frog Dean showed us how to add a Gaussian blur to create the illision of DOF and then left us to get used to Photoshop.


As you can see above there are two photos the left photo was the original the right the edited photo. There are lots of changes i made i first started by adding the Gaussian blur to the foreground leaf and the background Then used hue and saturation of the background to give it a darker feel also making it less noticeable i then repeated with the frog to make it more “normal” looking. I Also added using a vector layer a glow into the background around the frog creating a spotlight feel. using the clone tool i also added in more of the nostrials and and more “ear” type things to create a pattern this was just to get a feel for the tool however not pre thought purpose.


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