Webpages that suck

After being inspired to look at awful websites in lesson ive decided to look on http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com for examples of “how not to do it”

After 5 mins i came across this one http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com and wow plenty to work with here

As you can see from the picture below its covered in many colours different font’s clashing colour and a small navigation. The very typical word art font also animates making the screen feel like its constantly moving and distracting to try and read. The navigation is not the worse with roller over enlightenment on each one and set in a obvious place however the left hand side of this is also partially see-through making it harder to read.


After viewing this websites i looked at a few other again all terrible mainly colour problems seaming to be the major problem amongst bad websites i then found this website http://www.bhwellnessctr.com/about.htm. The website  however in most respects i belive to be ok however the navigation is awful there are 4 main pages easy to see and use however if you look below there are 8 colour bars which are actually links to the other pages with only small writing next to it to give an idea of where you are going the thought “Mystery meets navigation” comes to mind.



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