Graphic design first lesson and research

lesson was today (30/sep/2011) good intro to graphic design getting an idea what actully what is involved was not looking forward to this lesson however feeling a little more at ease

The work we looked at was intresting today defining art and graphic design in some places can be very hard and also comes down to personal beliefs and subjective to each individual.

We was set a task and the end of the lesson to search for one piece of graphic design this provokes an emotion or that we just respect to present at the next lesson

once at home and researching i came to a blank and i couldn’t think of anything that really hit me so i just stared searching adverts one that did hit hard was the picture below an anti smoking advert that each time i see makes me shiver which i suppose is the idea “shock value” hard hitting and provoking however was not sure on how much it was graphic design.


After ruling the anti smoking one out i looked into things i liked starting with music i searched films that i liked one i thought that would have interesting graphic design was Sin City due to originally being a graphic novel. The picture below is a poster highlighting a few main character and staying true to the neo noir feel of the film and which i believe truly set that genre and stylisation for many copy cats.

I will save the rest for my presentation and the following post to come however this was a good start to an interesting course.



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